Director's Message

Dr. Raj Kumar Nayak
M.A. M.PHIL. PH.D. (Edu.)

"Teacher should be subjects to rigorous training with rigid scrutiny of efficiency. The training needs to have greater relevance to the needs of the day. The all trained teachers or substandard teacher would be detrimental to our educational system if not a punishment to our children. The Govt. and the University must, therefore, take care to see that inadequacy in the training of teachers is not compounded by any extraneous Consideration." -Honorable Supreme Court of India.
�It provides me ample pleasure being requested for providing a message for NTT, which is being conducted by VECCE, New Delhi. The educational system often poses a number of challenges before the teachers. No teacher can survive in this dynamic profession, without equipping himself with a variety of skills & qualities that improves his knowledge, ability & quality. The concept of creative learning is a vital part of modern educational system. Allowing new ideas & innovative thinking requires a more dynamic learning process. Therefore, it is essential that the pupil teachers be allowed to learn newer vistas of learning.
�� Since the impact of privatization is penetrating all sectors of the economy, it is bound to affect education sector as well as it is very difficult to meet the democratic aspirations of the people for further expansion of educational system due to paucity of resources it is therefore, being felt that the private sector is inducted in education so that it can share the burdens of the state in funding education.
The moments of trial and tribulation kept reminding us of the taxing experiences of the great achievers and made us resolute to accept all challenges with the spirit of unflinching girt. It has paved to be rewarding as we are in a position to dictate the realm scholastic and non-scholastic achievements. We have to meet new challenges on the way for an unending journey. We hope that the unpredictable tomorrow will offer our pupil teachers and forth coming Teachers many more opportunities to set new milestones and emerge ass prodigies.
�� Let this message and effort for establish NTT course venerate and adore the unparallel and versatile genius, patron and mentor, Chairman Members, Academicians of National and International repute whose untiring tremendous efforts and unflinching zeal brought laurels to the teacher education guidelines motivated and blessings paved our ways forward turning all challenges into opportunities.

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Governing Body

Dr. Ashok Kumar (M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D-Edu., Bot.) Chairman
Dr. Raj Kumar Nayak (MA, M.Phil, Ph.D-Edu.) Director
Dr. Kuldeep Kumar (M.Ed., Ph.D-Edu.) Director
Mr. Vijay Kumar Director
Dr. Pawan Tyagi Managing Director
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Mr. Parmendra Kumar Yadav Legal Advisor
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